Respirators release an intermittent flow of breathing gas into the lungs of a patient, followed by an expiration phase, in which the supply of breathing gas is stopped and the patient is exhaling on their own. It is crucial to monitor the amount of breathing gas in the patients lungs so as to inhibit a premature inspiration phase. The EV series valves can provide that control to ensure accurate and consistent repeatability. 


For patients who need mechanical assistance in order to breathe efficiently, ventilators regulate exact adaptation of pressure and flow characteristics to suit their specific needs. Clippard electronic valves allow the device to deliver precise, adjustable volumes of oxygen with each breath. Due to the vital issues surrounding reliability, Clippard engineers pay careful attention to design details that will ensure consistent flow and will extend the life of

Leak Detection
The EV and ET valves are used for the protection of the differential pressure-sensors in leak test equipment. They are also used to pressurize and vent test chambers and cavities being tested for leaks. In portable gas mask leak tester devices, the EV valves pressurize the mask and hold that pressure for a given amount of time to ensure the mask is air tight. These devices are used by military troops out in the field so positive sealing and high reliability are key elements of these applications.
Differential Pressure Testing
This leak tester is a fully automatic differential pressure testing device for detecting leaky parts during the cycle time of the production .process. The procedure is based on comparing the pressures in the test part volume and in a tight reference volume. This allows for a high degree of sensitivity.
 Gas Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometry.

Special EV/ET valves are used to select gases, provide mass flow and to isolate gas samples in gas chromatography applications. These valves use special seal materials and undergo extensive cleaning in order to help customers attain accuracies to parts per trillion. Mass spectrometers also use Clippard electronic valves in similar applications where leakage concerns are critical.
Pollution Control
Clippard electronic valves are used in air quality monitoring instrumentation. These valves are used to help control flow, isolate samples and to zero transducers before a sampling sequence. Compact size, leakage, reliability and low power are important considerations in this type of equipment, and Clippard valves are a natural fit.









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